Q:   My child hasn't played basketball before.  Would his age determined division be too intense?  My child can't even dribble yet.

A:    KAC Basketball is a league with registration open to all players with no requirements on experience or ability.  Parents may request children to play in a lower division.  KAC will evaluate parent request and determine the best fit for the player.

Q:   My child is (more skilled/less skilled) than their age division and we want him/her to play in a (higher/lower) division.  Can we request to play in a different division?

A:    Yes.  Requested division must have available spots and player must demonstrate ability/lack of ability to play in their age respective division.  Division director shall make the final approval.

Q:   My child is registered and we paid the registration fees.  What happens next?  When will I be notified what team my child is on?

A:    After the close of registration, KAC Basketball will be securing coaches, finalizing player counts, creating teams, ordering uniforms, creating games schedules, and coordinating with coaches.  You will be notified of child’s placement on a team approximately 2 weeks before the season starts.  Download the TeamLinkt app to your phone to be notified when released.

Q:   What division should my child be playing in?

A:    TeamLinkt registration will assign your child to a division based on his/her birthdate.  Our homepage includes a listing of our divisions.  Note:  Age is determined as of December 31st of the season year, not age at the start or during the season.

       During the girls spring season, determination of player division will be dependent on the quantity of registered girls, their abilities, and birthdate.  The director will make the determination.  For registration purposes, register in the player’s assigned division.

Q:   Can I request a particular coach?

A:    Sorry, we do not accommodate requests for coaches, practices, or games.

Q:   My child is involved in other activities and has commitments on certain days.  Can I request to be on a team that doesn’t practice on those days?

A:    Unfortunately, requests for particular practice days or times will not be accommodated.  All players are expected to attend scheduled practices and games.  Please consider this when registering your child to play.



Q:   Why do we assess players?

A:    Players are assessed on their abilities to create balanced teams for all divisions except 6ers division.  Players in the 6ers division do not assess.  See the homepage for specific information related to assessment day.

Q:   My son/daughter will not be able to attend the assessment day.  What now?

A:    When required, attendance to assessment day is mandatory and failure to attend will result in the player being put on the waitlist.  If your child will not be able to attend, notify KAC Basketball as soon as possible.

Q:   What time should we be at the assessment day?

A:    Assessment times, by division (6ers exempt), will be posted on the website when determined.  See the homepage for specific information related to assessment day.


Q:   I am interested in volunteering.  How can I volunteer to help?

A:    Please contact KAC Basketball via email ( for more information.  If volunteering to coach/assistant coach, register in Team Linkt as a volunteer.

Q:   I am interested in coaching, but I don’t have any experience.  What can I do?

A:    Please contact KAC Basketball via email ( for more information.  We can provide training, guidance, and assistance.